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Sex Coaches: Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, Mona Wales, and Marcus London

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Squirting School is a course launched in 2017 that specializes in teaching men how to make woman get a squirting orgasm.

There are a few programs that have attempted to teach squirting to take your sex game to another level. It has been one of the hardest sex techniques to teach, largely because not all girls think they can do it.

The best program to date was Squirting Mastery, but that was many years ago, when people still watched sports in grainy standard definition.

Squirting School is a program that takes advantage of the latest filming technology with the original squirting guru, Marcus London. Of course, he has a new cast of female instructors. Unlike the old days of having to wait for an envelope to arrive a week later, Squirting School is available immediately upon purchase. It’s like Netflix for squirting instruction.

Do You Understand Why Squirting Is Important?


Women Who Are Inexperienced Are Curious



Product Information

Squirting School is available as an online series of videos that you can view at your leisure.

Squirting School comprises 7 modules, totaling 5 hours of content:

  1. Squirting School – How To Give Her The Most Amazing Orgasm She’s Ever Had (2 hours) With Marcus London, Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, and Mona Wales. Learn everything there is to know about Squirting Orgasms: what happens to the female body when they have these intense orgasms and the exact techniques to give them.
  2. Demonstration Video With Elsa Jean (30 minutes) You’ll see Elsa Jean have these special techniques used on her to give her the very first squirting orgasm she’s ever had.
  3. Demonstration Video With Alexis Monroe (30 minutes) You’ll see Marcus London use his techniques on this smoking hot girl and see her squirt harder than she ever thought she could.
  4. Demonstration Video With Mona Wales (30 minutes) You’ll see veteran squirter Mona Wales literally squirt across the room in this unbelievably messy scene!
  5. The Grand Finale With Marcus, Elsa, Alexis, And Mona (45 minutes) This scene is one of the hottest scenes you’ll ever see and all the girls get DRENCHED! You even get to see a special technique that has never been caught on film (that we know of).
  6. 4 Favorite Positions For Orgasms (1 hour) Elsa Jean, Alexis Monroe, and Mona Wales show you exactly what gets them off in their private life. You’ll see them take turns demonstrating on each other.
  7. Best Positions For Multiple Orgasms (1 hour) Marcus London and Mona Wales show you the methods to give any girl multiple orgasms, taking your sex game to the next level.


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